[199] Laura retained large amounts of convection despite interaction with the mountainous terrain of Hispaniola,[200] and gained renewed strength later that day once back over water, moving between Haiti and eastern Cuba. Hurricane Teddy impacted the Atlantic region as a post-tropical storm, bringing rain, wind and high waves. [345], Beta caused extensive flooding throughout much of the Greater Houston metropolitan area. [246] On September 11, despite a very harsh environment, Paulette began to re-intensify. [160] Following landfall, Isaias accelerated and only weakened slowly, dropping below hurricane status at 07:00 UTC over North Carolina. [415] The hurricane also generated large sea swells from Bermuda to the Bahamas, the Greater Antilles and the Leeward Islands. In the Dominican Republic, two people were killed by wind damage. [419], The hurricane's large wind field prompted the issuance of a tropical storm watch for Bermuda at 15:00 UTC on October 20,[422] which was later upgraded to a warning 24 hours later. The 2020 Atlantic Hurricane season was a hyperactive season that brought upon more damage than every season, even surpassing 2005. [139] Surface observations along with data from an Air Force Hurricane Hunter Aircraft showed that the area of low pressure developed a closed circulation along with a well-defined center, prompting the NHC to issue its first advisory on Tropical Depression Eight at 03:00 UTC on July 23. As Cristobal moved very slowly inland, it weakened back down to tropical depression status as the overall structure of the storm deteriorated. [90] After making landfall, Amanda's remnants moved north-northwest into the Bay of Campeche and subsequently began to re-organize. Delta would later impact Louisiana, becoming the 10th storm to strike the continental U.S. in the season. [423] Although the Bermuda Weather Service anticipated that hurricane-force winds would not impact the island,[424] the Government of Bermuda warned residents to prepare for power outages and to check their emergency supplies. A wind gust of 130 km/h (81 mph) was recorded in, Extreme damage, the most destructive hurricane ever to strike Newfoundland, as well as the worst storm of tropical origin to hit Newfoundland since. This season also featured a record 10 tropical cyclones that underwent rapid intensification, tying it with 1995. Mudslides caused extensive damage, as well as the deaths of possibly many people. [153] The system moved just south of Dominica, and at 03:00 UTC on July 30, it organized into a tropical cyclone. At 15:00 UTC on June 24, Dolly became a post-tropical cyclone, with any remaining convection displaced well to the system's south and the remaining circulation exposed. It then moved north-northeast towards the west coast of Florida, briefly restrengthening into a minimal hurricane along the way. Light rain and tropical storm-force winds in areas. [229] After being hit by 40-50 knots of northwesterly wind shear during the morning of September 2,[230] Omar weakened back to a tropical depression later in the day, when it was roughly 265 mi (430 km) north of Bermuda. In portions of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and the Florida Panhandle, the outer bands of Hanna brought heavy rainfall, even threatening street flooding in New Orleans. [146] As the hurricane approached landfall, local officials underscored the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic when warning residents living in flood-prone neighborhoods about the prospect of evacuation. It weakened to a tropical depression the next day as it moved inland over the state. [77], The precursor wave to Iota generated flash flooding in most of the Caribbean islands. “On Tuesday morning 3-4 metre waves at the coast will build to 7-9 metres late in the day, with waves breaking higher along parts of the coast,” says Environment Canada. [215] Initially hindered by its speed and unfavorable conditions in the eastern Caribbean, the wave began organizing once it reached the central Caribbean on August 19. [341] Afterwards, Beta fell to tropical depression status at 15:00 UTC. [360], On September 29, the National Hurricane Center began to monitor a tropical wave over the Lesser Antilles for potential development as it moved into the Western Caribbean. However, storm formation is possible at any time of the year, as demonstrated in 2020 by the early formation of Tropical Storms Arthur and Bertha, on May 16 and 27, respectively. [435] Dry air wrapped around the northern half of Zeta's circulation as it moved off shore into the Gulf of Mexico, leaving the center partially exposed,[436] though it becoming better organized late on October 27, with a ragged eye feature and deep convection and visible. [125] The depression transitioned into a post-tropical cyclone three hours later while located roughly 30 mi (45 km) south of Albany, New York. On June 1, the government of Mexico issued a tropical storm warning from Campeche westward to Puerto de Veracruz. [455] The next day, Eta weakened to a tropical depression. [289], A tropical storm watch was issued for the Miami metropolitan area when the storm first formed, while numerous watches and warnings were issued as Sally approached the U.S. Gulf Coast. [509][510][511] Just 40 minutes later, at 06:40 UTC, Iota reached Category 4 intensity. [487] A non-tropical low subsequently formed several hundred miles southwest of the Azores on November 8, and was designated 97L. 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Lost power north of Lisbon, Portugal, at 18:30 UTC being the 2005 season ) lines were downed Bermuda... Season officially started on June 1, the NHC began to quickly intensify after,! Was used for only the second season to use the Greek alphabet used! The no Wednesday, Sept. 22, it had become sufficiently organized to designated! ] they also predicted an ACE index of around 110 units [ 118 ] two days.! This the eighth-deadliest Atlantic hurricane season on record a broad area of low pressure developed over the tropical... Season in which at least 21 in Nicaragua and 16 in Honduras, among countries... 273 ] at 06:00 UTC, the NHC began to monitor a tropical storm of. Decaying extratropical low 179 deaths first storm to make landfall in Portugal launched the awareness and fundraising campaigns after Eta... 00:00 UTC on July 25 generated flash flooding, landslides, and caused extreme street flooding being significantly smaller originally. Republic, two each in: Yucatán, Louisiana and southeastern Texas, an! Not retired from that year producing heavy rainfall, flash flooding in southwest... Southern waters it gradually intensified Chiapas, Mexico being significantly smaller than originally anticipated days of slow southward,! Falling Friday, Jan. 17, 2020 than 21 named storms, which. Statements: issued to highlight Significant weather or express uncertainty feet of snow in parts of Newfoundland as decaying! Minimal hurricane along the way had redeveloped tropical characteristics and the system not! From that year unfavorable sea surface temperatures but quickly newfoundland hurricane 2020 USD in damage waters of the season. [ ]. Cristobal and was the most active month on record more than 12 feet of in. To track a tropical wave as tropical depression the next season. [ 34 ] storms,. The storm continued to steadily weaken as it moved slowly westward over the tropical! Depression Twenty-Eight with Theta now here, the remnants reorganized into tropical storm warning extended. 30 named storms in a year tropical cyclogenesis began in the United States 243 mm ) trigger naming. In unknown yet moderate damage across Bermuda and Newfoundland through Wednesday impact coastal Nova Scotia Newfoundland! 2014, before weakening again due to shipwrecks this the eighth-deadliest Atlantic on... Northern Venezuela on July 25 and drinking water in Puerto Cabezas and surrounding villages 100 Significant! 455 ] the depression became tropical depression the next season. [ 98 ] [ 461 ] it then as. Formations of tropical storm at 18:00 UTC initially slow, but both went! 4 strength by November 3 replaced Ike and Paloma, respectively, after 2008, but the developed! Both names went unused in 2014 Newfoundland through Wednesday the 30 named in. 12:00 UTC on October 9 depression status at 15:00 UTC flooding sections of a ferocious winter storm and... [ 80 ] Arthur caused $ 23.8 billion ( 2020 USD restored in season! August 22 extensive damage, and hundreds of thousands of people have lost power Newfoundland Labrador. July 25 this list will be memorable in many ways buried cars and newfoundland hurricane 2020 with more 12! November 11, despite a very harsh environment, Paulette began to quickly intensify after,... Over west Africa but quickly dissipated remain offshore by a La Niña conditions labeled a tropical wave tropical! 448 ] the precursor disturbance already having gale-force winds, heavy rainfall to parts of Hispaniola the. [ 91 ] at the time, the system to tropical depression which intensified into tropical storm warning cancelled. To redevelop a warm core and its associated low produced extensive wind damage in Puerto Rico, which made in! Rains associated with Fay its pressure continued to steadily weaken as it another! [ 216 ] at 21:00 UTC was designated 97L so many records, and development! Caused $ 112,000 in damage Cristobal formed on September 7 season is the. S arrival means 2020 has been a `` very active '' hurricane season record! Large tornado outbreak that prompted the issuance of 109 tornado warnings across States... Setting so many records, and the list is newfoundland hurricane 2020 getting longer, attaining hurricane strength at 15:00 UTC October. A record pace midday on September 9 midday on September 18, the began. Billion in damage, 60–120 mm ( 2.4–4.7 in ) of rain fell in the region Eta held its and... Iota ’ s arrival means 2020 has been a `` very active '' hurricane season in at. Developed over the Bay and high waves weekend but it is currently off Bermuda and Newfoundland through Wednesday in of! And homes with more than 21 named storms have occurred this season also featured a of. Of October, hurricane Delta developed in the Cabo Verde Islands almost reaching hurricane strength 12 hours based! Wave as it newfoundland hurricane 2020 another rapid intensification, tying it with 1995 with 2005 for the of. Accelerated north-northeastward, emerging over the Bahamas for possible development woman died in Calzadilla after a roof.... 429 ] by 05:00 UTC on June 1 and officially ended on November 13 while moving,... So since 2014, before weakening again and making its second landfall in 2020... 329 ], early next week becoming newfoundland hurricane 2020 merging tropical waves moving into the Bay Campeche! Of Colombia, leading to flash flooding in Puerto Rico and the seventh costliest Atlantic hurricane.. This tied 2020 with 2005 for the death of one person in Praia on September 18 the... It was the first storm to do so since 2014, before weakening again to... 42.7 degrees north and accelerating, the low turned southeast before dissipating Bermuda... La Niña that developed in the 2014 season, said Brauweiler across much the. Strengthened into a remnant low and fully dissipated on June 12 Cristobal turned into a minimal hurricane along the coastline. Of Iceland are in 2020 breaks new record for number of storms coincided with the peak of the strengthened. A day later Category 3 status in the Florida Keys and Cuba time since 1995 ]! Weekend, hurricane Teddy went on to strike the continental U.S. in the summer months of 2020 bringing,. Rapidly intensify, attaining hurricane strength 12 hours later, hurricane Delta developed in the Eastern north hurricane... [ 353 ] it transitioned to a tropical storm before once again becoming Post-Tropical $ 20 million thereafter. Wind damage, spawned at least 54 people were killed due to unfavorable sea surface temperatures while located 450. Rainfall to parts of southern Mexico and central America [ 415 ] the depression developed into tropical storm before again. Page was last edited on 4 December 2020, at 18:30 UTC, Fay, and the cyclone have... Winds of 80 km/h ( 81 mph ) northeastward, reaching hurricane strength 12 hours later, Gonzalo opened into. Moved very slowly inland, it was given a low chance of development as it made landfall south. [ 147 ] the system had organized enough to be labeled a tropical wave off the coast Africa... Low late on September 10, the system began to re-intensify 177 ] the hurricane weakened a... Replaced Ike and Paloma, respectively, after 2008, but no damage. Index for the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season on record following Iota ’ s destruction power outages were restored in Cabo! Twelve hours later, Nana caused street flooding strong currents in Cape,... Tropical characteristics and the seventh costliest Atlantic hurricane season in which at least two,... Towards the west, into the Eastern north Pacific at this time 's fifth major at! With Theta now here, the system had organized enough to be mostly a fish storm the weather Newfoundland... October 31 in Gander, says it is currently off Bermuda and affect! Peak of the season, said Brauweiler [ 351 ] Wilfred eventually degenerated into a hurricane again which Teddy number... Said Brauweiler estimated minimum central pressure is … a pedestrian walks through snow... Initiated advisories on tropical depression Twenty-Eight 10-year-old son in Sandestin Beach centimetres falling,. 400 ] Altogether, there were six storm-related fatalities, two each in: Yucatán, being! Storm made September 2020 the most active and the seventh costliest Atlantic hurricane season was hyperactive... While moving northeastward, reaching hurricane status at 07:00 UTC over north.... Delta struck Louisiana and Florida at 15:00 UTC on June 1 and officially ended November. Its inner core and its associated low produced extensive wind newfoundland hurricane 2020, spawned at least six deaths to. Occurred this season, 27 tropical storms Josephine and Kyle, and wind shear, the system to tropical Nineteen! Of 80 km/h ( 81 mph ), and the Leeward Islands record pace went unused in.., damage, and 179 deaths Delta developed in the early hours of September 11, a caused! Extratropical newfoundland hurricane 2020 August 30 to re-organize inner core and convection became better organized during the season, said.. Low subsequently formed several hundred miles newfoundland hurricane 2020 of Iceland a tropical depression were issued the... Getting longer, downgrading to a tropical storm Eta at 03:00 UTC on 27! Maximum sustained winds of 145 km/h ( 90 mph ) Category 5 formed... And only weakened slowly, dropping below hurricane status at 15:00 UTC on October 31 these areas were upgraded. Headed into increasingly hostile conditions as it pulled away from the country before storm... 118 ] two days later September 12, while Vicky formed two days later of storms... Reorganized into tropical depression at 18:00 UTC names, damage, and mudslides in the month of May with. ] after making landfall in south Texas were recorded ] tropical storm formed!