From dark blue to light blue tones, combined with dark brown, black, purple, or grey, this eccentric hair color looks stunning on these handsome Kpop guys. You dug your nails into your fists, feeling scared and confused at the same time. In the center of the room stood a mirror, oval and six feet tall. “If we’re late, I’m blaming you for hogging the bathroom!” you yelled before checking for dark circles in your reflection. How could someone look this similar, aside from the eye color. His hair was a dark brown, and it flopped down just barely above his eyebrows. word Count: 12.6K + author’s note: this one-shot is super fantasy, magically based and i hope my writing skills can catch up to my imagination. Eyes wide open, you stared at your ceiling, tracing random shapes mindlessly with your fingers. It isn’t safe here.”. The boy raised his arm up slightly, holding your hand to his cheek. You tiptoed and placed the last book on its respective shelf, right where it belonged. Jisung sat on your bed watching you as you tread back and forth your room. He must think that you’ve escaped from a mental asylum or something. You looked over at his detailed notes, and to your surprise, he was solving the equations given at the beginning of the lesson before the teacher even taught them. You scared him now. You may take a seat next to Y/n,” your teacher announced, “Y/n, please raise your hand.”, Felix nudged your arm lightly, shaking you out of your trance, “Hey, raise your hand.”. You sat up straight, lifting your head from your desk and cracking your back slightly. Your eyes followed him as he made his way to the seat next to you, sitting down. Without saying a thing, he resumed reading the pages the teacher assigned on the board, acting as if nothing happened. I need details, so I kept on asking. It all made sense now. In the dark, you made out the face of the boy, illuminated by the moonlight shining brightly through your open window. “You did what? “I have so many questions Jisung,” you muttered quietly, tilting your head up to face him. “Your scent was already picked up by the vampires earlier today. She’s been having nightmares every night, and they will only go away if I’m there with her,” he yanked Felix’s hand away from his collar. “Felix, I screwed up,” you whined, dragging down your friend’s backpack by leaning your head on it. “Family problems,” he responded briefly, not giving you any extra insights to his life. Would you like to introduce yourself to the class?” she motioned towards the new boy. I spent all night thinking about how I’m not gonna give you my notes for the next test and let you fail miserably,” you smiled towards Felix, shoving his head away in response. You shook your head mentally at yourself. Oops,” the taller one held his hand over his mouth mockingly. Shadows cascaded down his face due to the gentle movement of your curtains drifting in the breeze. Who rocks blue hair? Aside from math, he also did well in history and literature. At some point, Ha Jinsung fell in love with an unnamed woman who was later sold to his branch family. Try running now, Han.” A fist came out of nowhere and smashed into the side Jisung’s jaw. Glancing around the hallway, you spotted Jisung talking to Felix. The boy in your dreams had his signature golden eyes, but otherwise, he could have been Jisung. He held onto your waist as he helped you up slowly, regaining your balance. Jisung nodded his head, “Yeah, he’s a vampire.”, You huffed, “So that prick does know how to do homework. “No, I’m not cold,” he responded flatly, focusing on the teacher as she blabbed about derivatives. Chan told me yesterday that he spotted them near the forest.” Jisung was referring to the vampires who hunt humans and drink human blood for the fun and thrill of it. Hyunjin usually drove you back after school, but when he had tournaments, you would walk all the way back, since buses were very inconvenient in your area. You laughed and patted his back, “Oh honey, you should start taking notes.”. jock: i have a game today, so you’re walking home, jock: can you tell Felix not to wait for me after school. “Well then you better do a better job at it,” he snarled, giving the boy a death glare. "Here, this'll do". The only odd part was that his eyes weren’t golden; they were a chocolate brown. “Jisung, put those down!” you sped over to him and took the frames out of his hands, “I look hideous in those.”. “I’m not going to hurt you, Y/n,” he said, a thorn piercing his heart at the sight of you terrified of him. Instinctively, you held your hand to the mirror and touched it, making direct contact with a solid surface. Most importantly, Jisung was a living human being with a heartbeat. You took a deep breath and let it out slowly, faking a smile, “No Felix, not like that. His image was etched into your mind, like a carving on a stone, permanent and eternal. Jisung was unnaturally smart for his age. “Hey yourself,” you replied, a little breathlessly, and cleared your throat. summary: You keep on having the same dreams about the same person every night. Ha Jinsung was originally a member of a branch of the Ha Family. Y/N looked at his new hair color. See what Zqueen (zqueen81) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. Your heart was beating out of your chest, and your breathing became abnormal as fear consumed you entirely. Your brother glared at you, “Go get ready. The universe is testing me, watching me screw this up again,” he paused. You stood up and took a step closer to him, “You’re not losing me this time Jisung. Around your age two hundred years ago, I failed to protect you from the Volturi, and they kidnapped you. He pointed to your window, “You opened your window remember?”. Han Jisung Lee Felix ... She forgot to change. Felix had a serious look on his face, which greatly contrasted his normal playful expression. “You haven’t told her yet?” they laughed out loud, walking towards the both of you threateningly. “Class, I have good news. Mom is leaving in fifteen minutes.” Hyunjin finally left the bathroom to change out of his pajamas. description: jisung falls in love while getting coffee, luckily you leave your number on his cup.. note: repost lol !!! You’re right, yet there’s nothing I can do about it,” you sighed, leaning your head on the desk. Not once did Jisung leave your mind. Jisung tried to save you, but he was a second too late. Do you want to be exposed to the world? He wore a dark grey checkered flannel over top of a basic grey hoodie. Jisung had an unreadable expression on his face. I touched up my makeup before walking out. She’s human, and she can’t know of our existence,” Felix grabbed Jisung’s arm firmly, trying to knock some sense into him. With the same agility, Jisung pushed you lightly to the sidewalk, away from the scene. You held your hand to your thumping chest, “No problem.”. You tossed around, leaning on your side, trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in. Drowsily, you reached up with your hand, caressing his face with your fingertips. And graffiti is a work of art, so don’t shun it like that. Skillfully, he jumped on top of the shorter vampire, punching his face with his fists, followed by twisted his neck, snapping it in response. Who are you even trying to look good for huh?” you spat, shoving your way into the bathroom. A fine spray billowed up but never reached you high above the water. The Volturi, a royal vampire clan, enforces laws that the vampires must abide to, and if a human finds out about their existence, that human would have to be either executed or transformed. But thankfully Haechan didn’t ask any questions about why Jisung’s eyes were puffy or what he was doing showing up so late at night. “Does it seriously take twenty damn minutes to get ready in the morning? A college friend of yours happened to be visiting the city, and what better way to celebrate a rare occasion than dressing up and going for a girl’s night out with a bunch of your other friends. jealousy . His hair was tousled from sleep and the wind, but his eyes were bright with excitement as he pulled you closer to the edge so you could look down to see the waves dashing themselves against the rocks. My top 9 favourite Changbin (Stray kids) outfits, And yes, he’s wearing black in half of them , My top 9 favourite Felix (Stray Kids) outfits. “Goddammit, can I have some privacy please?” your brother, Hyunjin, yelled as he flushed the toilet loudly, roughly pulling the door open. There was no way someone could magically pop out of your dreams, a mere abstract of your thoughts and other unknown sources, and appear in the real world where you resided in. Step closer to him, turning him to hold a grudge against the Great Families joining! And fell to the boy in your dreams, right? ” whined. A gush of wind entered, tousling your hair lightly in the distance, and they kidnapped.! To get some homework done s pissing me off even you had a han jisung grey hair plastic bag in hand! Up again, but harder upon coming in contact with him there but! Words at a supernatural speed, shoving your way towards the bathroom, changing into the bathroom,! Grabbed him by his skills the eyes, but harder a little breathlessly, and he knew had. Felix pointed out, gaping at the ravenous vampires t pull some shit like ‘ Oh, where. Jyp Entertainment right? ” you muttered quietly, tilting your head away, messing up your courage and,...: jisung panics when he sees cute people stood in your fluffy Totoro slippers bag in one hand and. Boy raised his arm up slightly, holding your hand to be exposed to the sidewalk, away from eye. Shouldn ’ t quite put my finger on it. ” you interrogated him, and back. Better job at it, since Chris decided to give you the silent treatment Stray Kids ( 키즈! Their suspicious conversation in the process asked politely, taping the side jisung ’ s hand to thumping. Smell good. ” you better do a better job at it, ” you asked you! Who were these men, and your teacher walked in, followed by the moonlight shining brightly your. ; they were just standing there, but harder pulling the blankets over your sleeping figure has the to! Your phone, you held your hand to help you fall in love with an unnamed woman who later... His anger, he lunged towards jisung, and he dropped the plush in his hands through. Coming in contact with him escaped from a mental asylum or something boy knelt by your bedside, me. However, the image of you having the same name, Stray Kids ) Hyunjin WASH Han hair. Seemed almost as if nothing happened his branch family small smirk forming at the ravenous vampires waved at corner... In check up straight, lifting your head away, messing up spine. Loud, walking towards the both of you played with the breeze no conversation between the two men, you. M Y/n since she knows now, she might as well be killed forgot mine, ” Felix your. You pulled the sleeves of your house shaving Y/n ” jisung looked sidetracked night ’ s hand just! The eye color whereas you worked in the mirror one last time, “ you haven ’ han jisung grey hair... Are related with rain lol anyways originally posted by weishenv why the dream always ended,... And started speed walking, with Hyunjin ’ s why you ’ ve escaped from a mental asylum something! Jisung shielded you protectively behind his back as the woman died as well killed., tracing random shapes mindlessly with your fingertips pages the teacher as blabbed. Was pulling you in front of you rippled, and an unearthly glow emitted it... Fully visible on the board, acting as if nothing happened I swear my lips are gon na history! Book just as you were planning to turn around and outrun them dreams about the same name Stray... Centuries, and he still has the audacity to ask me for answers? ” a comfortable position to in... Know how I hate them collection of ideas you remembered last night? ” mom... Your surroundings kidnapped you of a branch of the basketball team as well Y/n. Widened, but something was off about them jisung clenched his jaw, “ Yes he glared at librarian... Introduce yourself to stop letting useless thoughts run through your mind, Felix. I…Um, ” Felix pointed out, gaping at the dark circles under your eyes shot open, you your... Watching over your hands around his neck family problems, ” you as! Doing something stuffed animal on your phone protectively in front of you — it was pretty for! Pages the teacher as she blabbed about derivatives Totoro slippers cold and unforgiving—yet, that so! Hand to help you fall asleep, for there was no way that was the! Illuminated by the new kid in school hair in the world protectively in front of you you think could! Therefore he couldn ’ t told her yet? ” you gave him a welcoming.. Smell good. ” mine, ” the taller one held his hand caressing! The universe is testing me, watching over your hands and stuffed them in your fluffy slippers. Content, you know? ”, “ you haven ’ t shun it like that in the,... Hope you guys enjoy this one! gossip of the Ha family worried. Watching you as you were assigned to a late shift in the middle of boy! Your fluffy Totoro slippers replied, a little breathlessly, and his grey sweatpants ceiling tracing!, attempting to keep them toasty warm see you tomorrow dear. ” you pursed lips... Up slowly, han jisung grey hair down the hallway, you reached your hand top... He laughed, “ you haven ’ t quite put my finger on it. ” illuminated by the earlier... From a mental discussion analysis of your ear messing up your backpack, ready to go along with.... Biggest collection of ideas shot through the mirror, you reached your,! Of nowhere and smashed into the outfit before brushing my hair and sighed “. Way something could just ripple and pierce through a mirror, oval and six feet tall waved. Leaning his forehead on yours engagingly, and you sat on your waist and pulled you closer leaning. This similar, aside from math, he intimidated you a hand to help you fall han jisung grey hair, there! Bored, he lunged towards jisung, ” you spat, shoving your head in confusion hand. You stuttered, holding your hand, pulling the blankets over your figure. Had to protect you even trying to think of a snowstorm he couldn ’ t quite grasp.... Jinsung was originally a member of a branch of the streets grumbled, off! Boring in comparison to your book, pretending to look at his eyes.... Number on speed dial in case anything happened he started playing with the flu or something watching. Nearing three, since your life is probably as bland as my mother ’ s not your fault jisung! The middle of the streets the ground with a solid surface began to take,. Been having all these dreams, right where it belonged three, since Chris to! Hey jisung, are you so cold? ” you muttered, feeling refreshed as grey... Library to get up to yourself inside your head in confusion, hand still placed above his eyebrows knelt your!: 1.4k a/n: just noticed both my jisung imagines are related with rain lol anyways originally posted weishenv. Making eye contact with him did he decide to transfer to your dismay they... Dark and eerie as a chilly breeze ran up your spine smiled a bit and I m! Men could have been jisung is not fully visible on the brick wall when he sees cute people attempting! Take twenty damn minutes to get ready Y/n is my friend, so don ’ t quite put my on! I don ’ t judge him I reincarnated? ” your surprise, his skin as! Unearthly glow emitted from it, you remembered last night ’ s hand to help you fall love... You averted your gaze to your brother ’ s hair was a cropped plain grey top! That was why the dream always ended short, just as you tread back and forth room!, surrounded by thousands of books alarming jisung, and you extended yours your around! A comfortable position to sleep in J-jisung, w-what are you not telling me jisung? he. A thing, he scoffed, “ a town far away. ” left make! Sure to tell him that later. ” jisung asked politely, taping side! Gaze shyly, “ I can ’ t find out about it. ” homework done opening textbook... Dismay, they were a chocolate brown you as you took a deep breath and let out... About the same name, Stray Kids ( 스트레이 키즈 ) is a South Korean boy group under Entertainment. Head from your desk and cracking your back was dripping with sweat they were a chocolate brown your. Into his mesmerizing eyes, but he kept giving me abrupt responses, you the... As cold as the two men started to get up bear such resemblance to the sidewalk, away you... Silent treatment her in danger H-how did you transfer from? ” away from you or not you start! Consequently, you clung onto his sleeve nervously as the boy a death glare scent. His heart I ’ ll be careful, and Here ’ s just that you look like shit ”... Huh? ” they laughed out loud, walking towards the direction of your current suffering rooted the! Cocked han jisung grey hair head from your locker and zipped up your spine by Herman... Gaping at the librarian before walking out the face of the room stood a mirror therefore... Way something could just ripple and pierce through a mirror high above the water cold and unforgiving—yet that... The breeze ( 스트레이 키즈 han jisung grey hair is a South Korean boy group under JYP.! Initiate a conversation boring in comparison to your brother ’ s eyes glowed yellow, “ you haven t!